Nylon-Tuote Finland Ltd

Expertise in plastics and textiles since 1952

Multipurpose apron

Our story

Nylon-Tuote Finland Oy is a family-run company in the plastics and textiles industry founded in 1952 and has its roots deep in subcontracting the shipping industry.

In addition to our long experience in sewing and plastic seaming, we have also utilized the latest technology to meet ever-increasing demands. In addition to the traditional CNC cutting and installation service for fabrics and films, we now provide 3D scanning services around the world.

Our product portfolio includes sun protection and canvas roofs, curtains and curtain accessories, protective covers, plastic films, as well as a huge number of custom-made specialty products from motorized blackout curtains to aprons.

Sunbrellas on Costa Smeralda

Our services

Our services and products are widely used both on land and at sea. Our products for the shipbuilding industry consists mostly of light but durable covers for weight-critical upper deck structures, while in hotels, hospitals and the food industry, for example, easily cleanable shower curtains, room dividers and protective clothing are a prominent part. In our products, we use antibacterial or fire-protected materials when necessary.

Our customer base includes, among others:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Hotels
  • Food and basic industry
  • Hospitals and institutions
  • Agricultural
  • Households


Nylon-Tuote Finland Oy