Whether you need a tarpaulin for your trailer or a parasol for your ocean liner, we can make you one.
Most of our products are custom-made for special needs,
so get in touch and let us know what you need.

We’ll design, manufacture and install it!


  • Decorative curtains and accessories
  • Shower curtains and curtain rails
  • Canvas shades and inner ceilings
  • Sunshade sails, railing canvas and tensile structure solutions
  • Apron, sleeve protectors and other personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Vacuum mattresses and other healthcare products
  • Tarpaulin, industrial curtains and special covers


  • High-Frequency welding and sewing works
  • CNC-cutting of membranes and fabrics
  • 3D-scanning and -measuring
  • Design and drawing services
  • Project installations
  • Mass production

3D-scanning is the most recent addition to our services!

3D scanning and design

We use the latest 3D technology to design our projects. Dimensionally accurate data is easily shared and utilized in CAD environments. We offer 3D scanning as a service worldwide. We are able to import large entities into digital material that can be used to support design.

The material produced is compatible with Autocad, Inventor, Rhino3D and SolidWorks software, among others. For example, 3D scanning makes it possible to bring different interiors and objects into the VR world.

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